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  • Outfit of the day 23rd April '15




  • Friday's work / play outfit

    Fridays can be need something to work in but you might be going out in the evening... Here is my look for today :)

    Outfit 17 April 5

    The boots are Ninette in Beige

    Outfit 17 April 4

    An instant classic - Ninette’s pointy toe, cowboy-inspired silhouette and wood heel make it this season’s closet staple. Beige ultrasuede upper with two side panel pull tabs for slip-on design. Pair with anything from skinnies to skirts for an instant cool chic vibe.

    The bag is of course the Blake Tote from Cri de Coeur

    Outfit 17 April 3

    This easy tote has a soft leather-like feel, perfect for the over-the-shoulder transport of your laptop, book and everything else a girl needs as the day goes on. Inside pocket for cell phone and keys and contrasting brown straps that outfit this simple staple with a bit of ruggedness.

    And the necklace, one of my favourites from Vaute Couture...I can't tell you how many people look at it and read the words and then ask me about it!!  Combining activism with fashion ;)

    Outfit 17 April 2

    All in all an easy outfit to take from evening.  Happy weekend everyone!

    Outfit 17 April 15

  • Vegan Fashion Designers... Spotlight on Vaute Couture

    Vaute Couture Illustration

    Vaute Couture... Spelled for Haute Couture with a V for Vegan, but said like VOTE.

    Vaute Couture is an independent vegan fashion house by Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart whose raison d’etre is to develop apparel and fabrics that are better than wearing animals ever could be.

    "Fashion is an industry, it’s business. An industry has two aims when developing material and production methods­ to increase profits and decrease costs. A living sentient being’s needs will only get in the way of these two aims, and therefore does not belong in the business equation. An animal’s needs are only considered extra costs in a business situation. So, I don’t believe animals belong in business... It’s not meant to be cruel; it’s meant to be profitable. That’s why we need to just take animals out of the equation and dress without animal fibers altogether. I’m doing what I can to make this possible." Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart, Oct 2013.

    In 2008 Leanne left her modelling contract with Ford Models and her MBA at DePaul University to create Vaute Couture.  Her personal mission is 'to take the animals out of the fashion equation'.  Her vegan fashion collection started with the mission of creating the perfect winter coat; at once stylish and fashionable while practical and functional and above all, ethical.  The first VAUTE collection was launched in 2009.  It was vegan (made of recyclable and recycled fibers, and produced locally), warmer than wool (windproof, snow resistant, rain resistant, and heat retaining) and of course superbly designed.  The entire first production run was funded by pre-orders most of whom  were willing to wait several months before actually having their coat delivered.

    cocoon1_large Traveller Black 1

    In February 2013, VAUTE broke history as the first all vegan fashion label to show at New York Fashion Week, with their first full RTW collection.

    In addition to coats, Vaute Couture has tees, tanks, sweaters, pullovers, jewellery and (recently) a boot collaboration with Bhava.

    Vaute Tshirt

    Vaute Couture is a young innovative company that has gone from strength to strength since its inception and we are thrilled to be stocking Leanne's creations at <3