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Merry Christmas everyone!!  I hope you had a wonderful time with your families and loved ones.  I had a lovely relaxing day with close family, there was just a few of us and the doggies :)

Our three rescues, 2 Romanian 1 from the UK. Our three rescues, 2 Romanian 1 from the UK.

I wanted to share with you a couple of great vegan gifts I was given yesterday.  The first one is is this North Face "Thermoball" ski jacket.

Blog pic 2 North Face Cruelty-free ski jacket

North Face have said that the “ThermoBall™ insulates, packs and feels like down, but delivers total versatility.  It provides uncompromising warmth even when wet, making it the new go-to jacket for any adventure.”  And we love that The North Face is marketing it as “a new alternative to down.”

To honor this innovative technology, PETA created a new award and made The North Face its first-ever recipient. The company has received the inaugural Innovator for Animals Award for perfectly demonstrating how this creative new cruelty-free material outperforms antiquated animal products while sparing geese the horrors of live-plucking, force-feeding, and slaughter.

Here is more information on why I would never wear Down and why I make sure that my pillows, duvet and sofa are down-free.

The second gift I wanted to share was these shoes from Melissa.

Vegan heels from Melissa Vegan heels from Melissa

This Brazilian company made the original “jelly shoe” and have been making weird and wonderful plastic fantastic creations for over 25 years, working with some amazing designers including Vivienne Westwood, the Campana brothers and Karl Lagerfield.

Melissa shoes are all made out of special plastic that is easy to break down and recycle.  The company aims to recycle almost all of its waste in-house in its factories and supposedly maintains highly ethical employment standards and their flagship store in Sao Paolo, Brazil supports struggling local artists.

I own a few pairs of their shoes and they are comfortable and absolutely gorgeous.  I especially love the flat pump collaboration with Vivienne Westwood for the summer but these angel wings are definitely my new favourite!!

While this blog is about vegan fashion, I do want to share with you a picture of my mum's amazing nut roast.  Cruelty-free Christmases are the BEST! <3 xx

Made with Cashews, Parsnips and Portobello Mushrooms... Made with Cashews, Parsnips and Portobello Mushrooms...

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