Dauntless NYC

Dauntless is a cruelty free and sustainable brand from New York City.
Our mission is to bring socially conscious fashion through high end designs, top quality materials and a well-tailored fit for fashion forward consumers.

The Materials We Use
Faux/vegan leather face + charmeuse linings. They are sourced to have the best sustainable production methods. It’s important for us not to use leather. We don’t like hurting animals and care about the welfare of the planet. We continuously try to improve the standards for all our materials.

Our Global Customer
Our customer appreciates design and materiality. Our global consumers are also changing what they wear based on how and where the materials are being sourced from. They are more conscious on buying clothing. We want to keep our designs relevant in order to build our customer base and make ‘regular’ fashion consumers buy into our philosophy, whilst still getting our message across in the process.